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Molecular Cardiology Research Institute

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MCRI Laboratories

Many MCRI labs focus on the study of signal transduction pathways that are central to cardiovascular physiology and disease.  There are major efforts in MCRI labs exploring receptor signaling pathways initiated by membrane proteins, including G-protein coupled receptors, TGF family receptors, Toll receptors, and nuclear hormone receptors, as well as signaling by potassium and calcium ion channels.  There are also major efforts exploring intracellular signaling by cGMP-dependent protein kinase and the MAP kinase signaling pathways.


The Molecular Cardiology Research Institute is organized into groups that focus on several key areas of cardiovascular biology: 

  1. Signal Transduction
  2. Vascular Biology
  3. Cardiomyocyte Biology and Heart Failure
  4. Electrophysiology and Ion Channel Biology
  5. Cardiovascular Genetics and Genomic
  6. Lipid Metabolism

These laboratories collaborate extensively with one another, sharing a common goal of improving human health through new diagnostics and treatments.  Lab meetings, journal club, weekly seminars and an annual retreat provide a forum for interaction and discussion, leading to multidisciplinary research projects.

MCRI Lab Director


Richard Karas, M.D., Ph.D.


Tufts Medical Center

800 Washington Street, Box 080

Boston, MA 02111

Richard Karas