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1998 – 2002 Publications

Karas RH, Gauer EA, Bieber HE, Baur WE, Mendelsohn ME.  Growth factor activation of the estrogen receptor in vascular cells occurs via a mitogen-activated protein kinase-independent pathway.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 1998;101(12):2851-2861. PubMed Abstract

Beinborn M, Quinn SM, Kopin AS.  Minor modifications of a cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor non-peptide antagonist confer a broad spectrum of functional properties.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 1998;273(23):14146-14151. PubMed Abstract

Lindner V, Kim SK, Karas RH, Kuiper GJM, Gustafsson J, Mendelsohn ME.  Increased expression of estrogen-receptor-β mRNA in male blood vessels after vascular injury.  Circulation Research 1998;83:224-229. PubMed Abstract

Schaffer K, McBride EW, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  Interspecies polymorphisms confer consitutive activity to the Mastomys cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 1998;273(44):28779-28784. PubMed Abstract

Berul CI, Christe ME, Aronovitz MJ, Maguire CT, Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Mendelsohn ME.  Familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mice display gender differences in electrophysiological abnormalities.  Journal Interv Cardiovasc Electrophys 1998;2:7-14. PubMed Abstract

Bläker M, Ren Y, Gordon MC, Hsu JE, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  Mutations within the cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor ligand ‘pocket’ interconvert the functions of nonpeptide agonists and antagonists.  Molecular Pharmacology 1998;54:857-863. PubMed Abstract

Wang G-R, Zhu Y, Halushka P, Lincoln T, Mendelsohn ME.  Mechanism of platelet inhibition by nitric oxide: In vivo phosphorylation of thromboxane receptor by cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1998;USA 95:4888-4893. PubMed Abstract

Karas RH, Mendelsohn ME.  Rapid vasomotor effects of estrogen: Men are part of the club.  Chest (Editorial) 1998;114(6):1508-1509. PubMed Abstract

Estes NAM, Mendelsohn ME.  Molecular biology of human arrhythmias: Implications for the clinical electrophysiologist.  Journal Interv Cardiovasc Electrophys 1998;2(4):321-324. PubMed Abstract

Patten RD, Aronovitz MJ, Deras-Mejia L, Pandian N, Hanak GG, Smith JJ, Mendelsohn ME, Konstam MA.  Ventricular remodeling in a mouse model of myocardial infarction.  American Journal Physiol 1998;274:H1812-H1820. PubMed Abstract

Thomas SA, Schuessler RB, Berul CI, Beardslee MA, Beyer EC, Mendelsohn ME, Saffitz JE.  Disparate effects of deficient expression of connexin43 on atrial and ventricular conduction: Evidence for chamber-specific molecular determinants of conduction.  Circulation 1998;97(7):686-691. PubMed Abstract

Rindi G, Langhans N, Rehfeld JF, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  Abnormal gastric morphology and function in CCK-B/gastrin receptor-deficient mice.  Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 1998;71:347-354. PubMed Abstract

Beinborn M, Chen C, DeMeo L, McBride EW, Kopin AS.  Small synthetic ligands of the cholecystokinin-B/gastrin receptor can mimic the function of endogenous peptide hormones.  Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 1998;71:337-346. PubMed Abstract

Taylor K, Patten RD, Smith JJ, Aronovitz M, Wight J, Salomon RN, Konstam MA.  Divergent effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition and angiotensin II – receptor Anatagonism on myocardial cellular proliferation and collagen deposition after myocardial infarction in rats.  Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 1998;31(5):654-660. PubMed Abstract

Kilgallen CM, Jackson E, Bankoff M, Salomon RN, Surks HK.  A case of giant cell myocarditis and malignant thymoma: A postmortem diagnosis by needle biopsy.  Clinical Cardiology 1998;21(1):48-51. PubMed Abstract


Patten RD, Udelson JE, Konstam MA.  Ventricular remodeling and its prevention in the treatment of heart failure.  Current Opinion in Cardiology 1998;13:162-167.  PubMed Abstract

Kopin AS, Mathes WF, McBride EW, Nguyen M, Al-Haider W, Schmitz F, Bonner-Weir S, Kanarek R, Beinborn M.  The cholecystokinin-A receptor mediates inhibition of food intake yet is not essential for the maintenance of body weight.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 1999;103(3):383-391. PubMed Abstract

Lem J, Krasnoperova NV, Calvert PD, Kosaras B, Cameron DA, Nicolo M, Makino CL, Sidman R.  Morphological, physiological and biochemical changes in rhodopsin knockout mice.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 1999;96:736-741. PubMed Abstract

Pace MC, Chambliss KL, German Z, Yuhanna IS, Mendelsohn ME, Shaul PW.  Establishment of an immortablized fetal intrapulmonary artery endothelial cell line.  American Journal Physiol 1999;277(21):L106-L112. PubMed Abstract

Michael SK, Brennan J, Robertson EJ.  Efficient gene-specific expression of cre recombinase in the mouse embryo by targeted insertion of a novel IRES-Cre cassette into endogenous loci.  Mechanisms of Development 1999;85:35-47. PubMed Abstract

Frederick J, Krasnoperova N, Hoffmann K, Baehr W, Lem J, Klaus R.  Retinal degeneration is accelerated when a mutant rhodopsin transgene is expressed on a haploid or null rhodopsin background. In.  Retinal Degenerative Diseases and Experimental Therapy, 1999;Hollyfield JG (ed.), Plenum Publishers.Chapter 10:105-115.

Saba S, VanderBrink B, Luciano B, Aronovitz MJ, Berul CI, Reddy S, Housman D, Mendelsohn ME, Estes NA, Wang PJ.  Localization of the sites of conduction abnormalities in a mouse model of myotonic dystrophy.  Journal Clin Electrophys 1999;10(9):1214-1220. PubMed Abstract

Surks HK, Mochizuki N, Kasai Y, Georgescu S, Tang M, Ito M, Lincoln TM, Mendelsohn ME.  Regulation of myosin phosphatase by a specific interaction with cGMP-dependent protein kinase 1α.  Science 1999;286:1583-1587. PubMed Abstract

Karas RH, Hodgins JB, Kwoun M, Krege JH, Aronovitz M, Mackey W, Gustafsson JA, Korach KS, Smithies O, Mendelsohn ME.  Estrogen inhibits the vascular injury response in estrogen receptor β-deficient female mice.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 1999;96(26):15133-15136. PubMed Abstract

VanderBrink BA, Link MS, Aronovitz MJ, Saba S, Sloan SB, Homoud MK, Estes III NAM, Wang PJ.  Assesment of antrioventricular nodal physiology in the mouse.  Journal Interv Cardiovasc Electrophys 1999;3(3):207-212. PubMed Abstract

Mendelsohn ME, Karas RH.  Mechanisms of Disease: The protective effects of estrogen on the cardiovascular system.  New England Journal of Medicine 1999;340(23):1801-1811. PubMed Abstract

Chen Z, Yuhanna IS, Galcheva-Gargova Z, Karas RH, Mendelsohn ME, Shaul PW.  Estrogen receptor α mediates nongenomic activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by estrogen.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 1999;103(3):401-406. PubMed Abstract

Berul CI, Maguire CT, Aronovitz MJ, Greenwood J, Miller C,Gehrmann J, Housman D, Mendelsohn ME, Reddy S.  DMPK dosage alterations result in atrioventricular conduction abnormalities in a mouse myotonic dystrophy Model.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 1999;103(4):R1-R7. PubMed Abstract

Kuliopulos A, Covic L, Seeley SK, Sheridan PJ, Helin J, Costello CE.  Plasmin desensitization of the PAR1 thrombin receptor: Kinetics, sites of truncation and implications for thrombolytic therapy.  Biochemistry 1999;38(14):4572-4585. PubMed Abstract

Blomberg PJ, Surks HK, Long A, Rebeiz E, Mochizuki Y, Pandian N.  Transient myocardial dysfunction associated with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-induced angioedema: Recognition by serial echocardiographic studies.  Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 1999;12(12):1107-1109. PubMed Abstract

Foran SE, Carr DB, Lipkowski AW, Maszczynska I, Marchand JE, Misicka A, Beinborn M, Kopin AS, Kream RM.  A substance P-opoid chimeric peptide as a unique nontolerance-forming analgesic.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 2000;97(13):7621-7626. PubMed Abstract

Ji B, Kopin AS, Logsdon CD.  Species differences between rat and mouse CCK-A receptors determine the divergent acinar cell response to the cholecystokinin analog JMV-180.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 2000;275(25):19115-19120. PubMed Abstract

Covic L, Gresser AL, Kuliopulos A.  Biphasic kinetics of activation and signaling for PAR1 and PAR4 thrombin receptors in platelets.  Biochemistry 2000;39(18):5458-5467. PubMed Abstract

Santos BF, Serrano SMT, Kuliopulos A, Niewiarowski S.  Interaction of viper venom serine peptidases with thrombin receptors on human platelets.  Federation of European Biochemical Societies Letters 2000;477:199-202. PubMed Abstract

Cox DH, Aldrich RW.  Role of the β1 subunit in large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel gating energetics: Mechanisms of enhanced Ca2+ sensitivity.  Journal of General Physiology 2000;116:411-432. PubMed Abstract

Jacques SL, LeMasurier M, Sheridan PJ, Seeley S, Kuliopulos A.  Substrate-assisted catalysis of the PAR1 thrombin receptor: Enhancement of macromolecular association and cleavage.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 2000;275(52):40671-40678. PubMed Abstract

Konstam MA, Patten RD, Thomas I, Ramahi T, La Bresh K, Goldman S, Lewis W, Gradman A, Self  KS, Bittner V, Rand W, Kinan D, Smith JJ, Ford T, Segal R, Udelson JE.  Effects of losartan and captopril on left ventricular volumes in elderly patients with heart failure:  Results of the ELITE ventricular function substudy.  American Heart Journal 2000;139(6):1081-1087. PubMed Abstract

Patten RD, Udelson JE, Konstam MA.  Left Ventricular dysfunction and heart failure following myocardial infarction: Early intervention in high-risk patients. In.  Heart Failure Management, 2000;Sharpe N. (ed.), Martin Dunitz, LTD, London.Chapter 14:183-198.

Foran SE, Carr DB, Lipkowski AW, Maszczynska I, Marchand JE, Misicka A, Beinborn M, Kopin AS, Kream RM.  Inhibition of morphine tolerance development by a substance P-opiod peptide chimera.  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 2000;295(3):1142-1148. PubMed Abstract

Mendelsohn ME.  Mechanisms of estrogen action in the cardiovascular system.  Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2000;74(5):337-343. PubMed Abstract

Mendelsohn ME.  Nongenomic, estrogen receptor-mediated activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase: How does it work? What does it mean? (SCOR) Circulation Research 2000;87:956-960. PubMed Abstract

Chambliss KL, Yuhanna IS, Mineo C, Liu P, German Z, Sherman TS, Mendelsohn ME, Anderson RGW, Shaul PW.  Estrogen receptor α and endothelial nitric oxide synthase are organized into a functional signaling module in caveolae. (SCOR) Circulation Research 2000;87:e44-e52. PubMed Abstract

Mendez A, Burns M, Roca A, Lem J, Wu LW, Simon MI, Baylor DA, Chen J.  Rapid and reproducible deactivation of rhodopsin requires multiple phosphorylation sites.  Neuron 2000;28:153-164. PubMed Abstract

Calvert PD, Krasnoperova NV, Lyubarsky AL, Isayama T, Nicolo M, Kosaras B, Wong G, Gannon KS, Margolskee RF, Sidman RL, Pugh EN Jr, Makino CL, Lem J.  Phototransduction in transgenic mice after targeted deletion of the rod transducin α-subunit.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 2000;97(25):13913-13918. PubMed Abstract

Nagy L, Morales RE, Beinborn M, Vattay P, Szabo S.  Investigation of gastroprotective compounds at subcellular level in isolated gastric mucosal cells.  American Journal Physiol Gastrointes Liver Physiol 2000;279:G1201-G1208. PubMed Abstract

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Bläker M, Ren Y, Seshadri L, McBride EW, Beinborn M, Kopin AS.  CCK-B/gastrin receptor transmembrane domain mutations selectively alter synthetic agonist efficacy without affecting the activity of endogenous peptides.  Molecular Pharmacology 2000;58:399-406. PubMed Abstract

Kopin AS, McBride EW, Schaffer K, Beinborn M.  CCK receptor polymorphisms: An illustration of emerging themes in pharmacogenomics.  Trends in Pharmacol Sciences 2000;21(9):346-353. PubMed Abstract


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Yuhanna IS, Zhu Y, Cox BE, Hahner LD, Osborne-Lawrence S, Lu P, Marcel YL,  Anderson RGW, Mendelsohn ME, Hobbs HH, Shaul PW.  High-density lipoprotein binding to scavenger receptor-BI activates endothelial nitric oxide synthase. (SCOR) Nature Medicine 2001;7(7):853-857. PubMed Abstract

Karas RH, Eickels MV, Lydon JP, Roddy S, Kwoun M, Aronovitz M, Baur WE, Conneely O, O’Malley BW, Mendelsohn ME.  A Complex role for the progesterone receptor in the response to vascular injury. (SCOR) Journal of Clinical Investigation 2001;108(4):611-618. PubMed Abstract

Frederick JM, Krasnoperova NV, Hoffman K, Church-Kopish J, Ruther K, Howes K, Lem J, Baehr W.  Mutant rhodopsin transgene expressed on a null background.  Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2001;42(3):826-833. PubMed Abstract

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