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2006 Publications

Isacson CK, Lu Q, Karas RH, Cox DH. RACK1 is a BKCa-Channel Binding Protein.   American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology, 2006;292(4):C1459-C1466.  PubMed Abstract


Cox DH.  BKCa-Channel Structure and Function. in: Biological Membrane Ion Channels, 2006;Chung, Shin-Ho; Andersen, Olaf S.; Krishnamurthy, Vikram (Eds.). Chapter 5:171-219.


Ambrose MS, Denofrio D, Kuvin JT, Pandian NG, Karas RH, Patel AR.  Low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol are associated with vascular remodeling in cardiac transplant recipients.  Transplantation Proceedings 2006;38(9):3016-3020.  PubMed Abstract


Srinivasan VJ, Ko TH, Wojtkowski M, Carvalho M, Clermont A, Bursell SE, Song QH, Lem J, Duker JS, Schuman JS, Fujimoto JG.  Noninvasive volumetric imaging and morphometry of the rodent retina with high-speed, ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography.  Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2006;47(12):5522-5528.  PubMed Abstract


Darman RB, Ivy AA, Ketty V, Blaustein RO.  Constraints on voltage sensor movement in the Shaker K+ channel.  Journal of General Physiology 2006;128(6):687-699.  PubMed Abstract


Soman P, Dave DM, Udelson JE, Han H, Ouda HZ, Patel AR, Karas RH, Kuvin JT.  Vascular endothelial dysfunction is associated with reversible myocardial perfusion defects in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease.  Journal of Nuclear Cardiology 2006;13(6):756-760.  PubMed Abstract


Goruppi S, Patten RD, Force T, Kyriakis JM.  Helix-loop-helix  protein p8: a transcriptional regulator required for cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and cardiac fibroblast MMP induction.  Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2006;27(3):993-1006.  PubMed Abstract


Park HJ, Zhang Y, Georgescu SP, Johnson KL, Kong D, Galper JB.  Human umbilical vein endothelial cells and human dermal microvascular endothelial cells offer new insights into the relationship between lipid metabolism and angiogenesis.   Stem Cell Reviews 2006;2(2):93-102.   PubMed Abstract


Lagna G, Nguyen PH, Ni W, Hata A.  BMP-dependent activation of caspase-9 and caspase-8 mediates apoptosis in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells.  American Journal Physiol - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 2006;291(5):L1059-L1067.  PubMed Abstract


Alsheikh-Ali AA, Lin JL, Abourjaily P, Ahearn D, Kuvin JT, Karas RH.  Extent to which accepted serum lipid goals are achieved in a contemporary general medical population with coronary heart disease risk equivalents.  American Journal of Cardiology 2006;98(9):1231-1233.  PubMed Abstract


Shevtsov SP, Haq S, Force T.  Activation of β-catenin signaling pathways by classical G-protein-coupled receptors: Mechanisms and consequences in cycling and non-cycling cells.  Cell Cycle 2006;5(20):2295-2300.  PubMed Abstract


Bemelmans AP, Kostic C, Crippa SV, Hauswirth WW, Lem J, Munier FL, Seeliger MW, Wenzel A, Arsenijevic Y.  Lentiviral gene transfer of Rpe65 rescues survival and function of cones in a mouse model of leber congenital amaurosis.  PLoS Pathogens 2006;3(10):1892-1903.  PubMed Abstract


Alsheikh-Ali A, Husam OZ, Padian N, Karas RH, Kuvin JT.  Evaluation of peripheral vascular endothelial fuction with a portable ultrasound device.  Echocardiology 2006;23(8):623-626.  PubMed Abstract


Kuvin JT, Dave DM, Sliney KA, Mooney P, Patel AR, Kimmelstiel CD, Karas RH.  Effects of extended-release niacin on lipoprotein particle size, distribution, and inflammatory markers in patients with coronary artery disease.  American Journal of Cardiology 2006;98(6):743-745.  PubMed Abstract


Kerkela R, Force T.  p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase: a future target for heart failure therapy?  Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2006;48(3):556-558.  PubMed Abstract


Turgeon JL, Carr MC, Maki PM, Mendelsohn ME, Wise PM.  Complex actions of sex steroids in adipose tissue, the cardiovascular system, and brain: Insights from basic science and clinical studies.  Endocrine Reviews 2006;27(6):575-605. PubMed Abstract


Kerkela R, Grazette L, Yacobi R, Iliescu C, Patten R, Beahm C, Walters B, Shevtsov S, Pesant S, Clubb FJ, Rosenzweig A, Salomon RN, Van Etten RA, Alroy J, Durand JB, Force T.  Cardiotoxicity of the cancer therapeutic agent imatinib mesylate.  Nature Medicine 2006;12(8):908-916.  PubMed Abstract


Park HJ, Ward SM, Desgrosellier JS, Georgescu SP, Papageorge AG, Zhuang X, Barnett JV, Galper JB.  Transforming growth factor β regulates the expression of the M2 muscarinic receptor in atrial myocytes via an effect on RhoA and p190RhoGAP.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 2006;281(29):19995-20002. PubMed Abstract


Whited KL, Thao D, Lloyd KC, Kopin AS, Raybould HE.  Targeted disruption of the murine CCK1 receptor gene reduces intestinal lipid-induced feedback inhibition of gastric function.  American Journal Physiol Gastrointes Liver Physiol 2006;291(1):G156-G162.   PubMed Abstract


Beinborn M.  Class B GPCRs: A hidden agonist within?  Molecular Pharmacology 2006;70(1):1-4. PubMed Abstract


Mukherjee RS, McBride EW, Beinborn M, Dunlap K, Kopin AS.  Point mutations in either subunit of the GABAB receptor confer constitutive activity to the heterodimer.  Molecular Pharmacology, 2006;70(4):1406-1413. PubMed Abstract


Xu D, Patten RD, Force T, Kyriakis JM.  Gene 33/RALT is induced by hypoxia in cardiomyocytes, where it promotes cell death by suppressing phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and extracellular signal-regulated kinase survival signaling.  Molecular and Cellular Biology 2006;26(13):5043-5054. PubMed Abstract


Yang X, Murthy V, Schultz K, Tatro JB, Fitzgerald KA, Beasley D.  Toll-like receptor 3 signaling evokes a proinflammatory and proliferative phenotype in human vascular smooth muscle cells.  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, 2006;291(5):H2334-H2343. PubMed Abstract


Moussaif M, Rubin WW, Kerov V, Reh R, Chen D, Lem J, Chen CK, Hurley JB, Burns ME, Artemyev NO.  Phototransduction in a transgenic mouse model of Nougaret night blindness.  The Journal of Neuroscience 2006;26(25):6863-6872. PubMed Abstract


Chen X, Shevtsov SP, Hsich E, Cui L, Haq S, Aronovitz M, Kerkela R, Molkentin JD, Liao R, Salomon RN, Patten R, Force T.  The β-catenin/T-cell factor/lymphocyte enhancer factor signaling pathway is required for normal and stress-induced cardiac hypertrophy.  Molecular and Cellular Biology 2006;26(12):4462-4473. PubMed Abstract


Ouyang P, Michos ED, Karas RH.  Hormone replacement therapy and the cardiovascular system lessons learned and unanswered questions.  Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2006;47(9):1741-1753. PubMed Abstract


Nikonov SS, Kholodenko R, Lem J, Pugh EN Jr.  Physiological features of the S- and M-cone photoreceptors of wild-type mice from single-cell recordings.  Journal of General Physiology 2006;127(4):359-374. PubMed Abstract


Kerkela R, Force T.  Recent insights into cardiac hypertrophy and left ventricular remodeling.  Current Heart Failure Reports 2006;3(1):14-18.  PubMed Abstract


Tang D, Park HJ, Georgescu SP, Sebti SM, Hamilton AD, Galper JB.  Simvastatin potentiates tumor necrosis factor α-mediated apoptosis of human vascular endothelial cells via the inhibition of the geranylgeranylation of RhoA.  Life Science 2006;79(15):1484-1492. PubMed Abstract


Patten RD, Karas RH.  Estrogen replacement and cardiomyocyte Protection.  Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine 2006;16(3):69-75. PubMed Abstract


Shearman AM, Cooper JA, Kotwinski PJ, Miller GJ, Humphries SE, Ardlie KG, Jordan B, Irenze K, Lunetta KL, Schuit SCE, Uitterlinden AG, Pols HAP, Demissie S, Cupples LA, Mendelsohn ME, Levy D, Housman DE.  Estrogen receptor α ?gene variation is associated with risk of myocardial infarction in more than seven thousand men from five cohorts.  Circulation Research 2006;98(5):590-592. PubMed Abstract


Chadee DN, Xu D, Hung G, Andalibi A, Lim DJ, Luo Z, Gutmann DH, Kyriakis JM.  Mixed-lineage kinase 3 regulates B-Raf through maintenance of the B-Raf/Raf-1 complex and inhibition by the NF2 tumor suppressor protein.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2006;USA 103(12):4463-4468. PubMed Abstract


Massie BM, Force T.  The year in heart failure 2005.  Journal of Cardiac Failure 2006;12(1):1-9.  PubMed Abstract


Kuvin JT, Alsheikh-Ali AA, Karas RH.  High-density lipoprotein cholesterol-raising strategies.  Journal of Cardiovasc Pharmacol 2006;47(2):196-204. PubMed Abstract


Huggins GS, Wang JY, Hankinson SE, De Vivo I.  GATA5 activation of the progesterone receptor gene promoter in breast cancer cells is influenced by the +331G/A polymorphism.  Cancer Research 2006;66(3):1384-1390. PubMed Abstract


Schultz K, Fanburg, BL and Beasley D.  Hypoxia and hypoxia-inducible factor-1α promote growth factor-induced proliferation in human vascular smooth muscle cells.  American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 2006;290(6):H2528-H2534. PubMed Abstract


Christensen EN, Mendelsohn ME.  Cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinase Iª inhibits thrombin receptor-mediated calcium mobilization in vascular smooth muscle cells.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 2006;281(13):8409-8416. PubMed Abstract


Liu E, Sinha S, Williams C, Cyrille M, Heller E, Snapper SB, Georgopoulos K, St-Arnaud R, Force T, Dedhar S, Gerszten RE.  Targeted deletion of integrin-linked kinase reveals a role in T-cell chemotaxis and survival.  Molecular and Cellular Biology 2005;25(24):11145-11155.  PubMed Abstract


Ku MC, Howard S, Ni W, Lagna G, Hata A.  OAZ regulates bone morphogenetic protein signaling through Smad6 activation.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005;281(8):5277-5287. PubMed Abstract


Peter I, Shearman AM, Zucker DR, Schmid CH, Demissie S, Cupples LA, Larson MG, Vasan RS, D'Agostino RB, Karas RH, Mendelsohn ME, Housman DE, Levy D.  Variation in estrogen-related genes and cross-sectional and longitudinal blood pressure in the Framingham Heart Study.  Journal of hypertension 2005;23(12):2193-2200. PubMed Abstract


Qui P, Ritchie R, Fu Z, Cao D, Cumming J, Miano JM, Wang DZ, Li HJ, Li L.  Myocardin enhances Smad3-medicated transforming growth factors β¹, signaling in a CArG Box independent manner.  Circulation Research 2005;97(10):983-991.  PubMed Abstract


Patten RD, Konstam MA.  Treatment of Remodeling: Inhibition of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System. 2006;In Greenberg BH; Cardiac Remodeling; Taylor and Francis Group (Eds.). Chapter 18:325-348.