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Molecular Cardiology Research Institute
Staff Directory

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Personnel Directory

Principal Investigators

Alcaide, PilarAssistant Professor

Molecular Cardiology Research Center


Director, Vascular Immunology Laboratory

Beasley, DebbieAssociate Research Professor of MedicineLaboratory of Innate Immunity
Beinborn, MartinAssistant ProfessorMolecular Pharmacology Research Center
Blanton, RobertAssistant Professor of MedicineMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Draper, IsabelleAssistant ProfessorMolecular Pharmacology Research Center
Galper, JonasProfessorLaboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Signaling
Huggins, GordonAssociate ProfessorMCRI Center for Translational Genomics
Iyer, LakshmananAssistant ProfessorMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Jaffe, IrisAssociate ProfessorMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Karas, RichardElisa Kent Mendelsohn Professor of Molecular Cardiology and MedicineMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Kapur, NavinAssistant Professor Molecular Cardiology Research Center
Kopin, AlanProfessorMolecular Pharmacology Research Center
Lem, JanisAssociate ProfessorRetina Research Laboratory
Noujaim, SamiAssistant ProfessorNoujaim Laboratory
Park, Ho-JinAssistant ProfessorLaboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Signaling
Schnitzler, GavinAssistant ProfessorMolecular Cardiology Research Center

Lab Staff

Aronovitz, MarkDirector of Mouse Physiology CoreMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Baur, WendyDirector of Cell Culture CoreMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Marshall, DionneResearch AdministratorMCRI Administration
Chen, CiResearch AssistantMolecular Pharmacology Research Center
Doyle, JamiePostdoctoral FellowMolecular Pharmacology Research Center
Griffiths-Rossiter, PatriciaResearch AdministratorMCRI Administration
Lu, QingResearch AssociateMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Morine, KevinMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Slater, DebbieDirector of Administration and Finance MCRI Administration
Wang, BonnieResearch Associate

Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Signaling

Wang, Guang-RongResearch AssociateMolecular Cardiology Research Center
Zhang, YaliPostdoctoral FellowLaboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Signaling
Zhao, JinPostdoctoral FellowMolecular Cardiology Research Center